Our Story

Escape Myoko is not just a destination; it’s a dream transformed into reality. There is just something about Myoko that really gets under your skin. The staggering amount of Japan’s famous bottomless powder seems an obvious attraction, especially to a few seasoned bums like ourselves, but honestly, it’s something more than that. Our adventure began many seasons ago in Hokkaido, and after chasing winter around the world, we found ourselves drifting back to Japan. We believe that both equal parts, luck and determination led us to where we are today.

Create your own adventure.

Our Values

We infuse our unique style and vibe into this awe-inspiring enclave nestled in the mountains. Our mission is to ensure that every guest who stays with us embarks on a memorable journey they will never forget.  Our values are anchored in family, sustainability, and responsible tourism. We strive to create a homely environment, ensure eco-friendly practices, and contribute positively to local communities, championing a mindful travel experience.


Established in 2018, our family-operated lodge is steeped in warmth and hospitality, mirroring our cherished family values at its core.

We are committed to crafting a secure and cozy environment, where guests can gather and forge enduring memories.


Whether we are skiing, snowboarding, hiking or biking, we make a big effort to protect the areas that mean so much to us.

We’ve teamed up with Protect our Winters  to create awareness and help raise money to go toward this rad charity.


There are so many wonderful things to do and experience in Myoko. 

As responsible tourism operators, we view our role as catalysts for sustainable  growth in tourism. We strive to ensure that our efforts benefit not only our visitors but also the environment and local residents.

Reservation Inquiry

If you have any questions regarding our services or your booking at Mountain Hut Lodge or Sugi Chalet, please get in touch by filling out the contact form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

We always endeavour to get back to you quickly, so if you haven’t heard from us remember to check your junk mail! Alternatively, you may complete the form below.

Join our Crew

Please note: we are currently recruiting for ‘legendary all-rounder positions’ for the 2023/24 Japan ski season.

At Epic Escapes, we prioritise building a strong team to provide an exceptional guest experience.

Our crew are the backbone of our company, and we are currently seeking candidates who are not only passionate about people, snow, and mountain life, but also eager to share their enthusiasm and passions with others. If being a team player with a naturally optimistic outlook on life, who thrives on living and playing in the mountains sounds like you please fill out the form below.

Role Specifics 

At our company, we operate in different sectors like accommodation, ski school, rental shop, cafe and bar, and courses and events. That’s why we love finding talented individuals and couples who can bring their skills to multiple areas of our business. We appreciate cross-over abilities and welcome applicants who can contribute to one or more parts of our company.

Valued skills

  • Level 1 or above Ski/Snowboard instructor qualification
  • Experience working a ski season before
  • Tourism/hospitality experience
  • Marketing, Web and SEO
  • Photography/videography
  • Chef or cooking qualifications
  • Japanese language skills
  • AST level 1 or above
  • First aid certificate


  • Ability to get a working holiday visa or equivalent (just ask we might be able to help you)
  • Drivers licence as well as an accompanying International Drivers Permit


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