Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Myoko Kogen region, where dynamic rivers and majestic mountains craft an awe-inspiring backdrop for your next grand escape. Nestled within the Japanese Alps, this captivating destination is approximately three hours away from Tokyo. Distinguished by its towering peaks, spectacular landscapes, and an undeniable rustic charm that encapsulates rural Japanese life, Myoko Kogen promises an unparalleled experience.

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Discover Japan, a captivating blend of age-old traditions and futuristic innovation. Home to tranquil temples, vibrant cityscapes, and delectable cuisine, this country enchants every traveler’s heart.

Explore bustling markets in Tokyo, meander through Kyoto’s historic shrines, or unwind in Niigata’s serene hot springs.

From the mesmerising cherry blossom season to the awe-inspiring snowfall in Myoko Kogen, Japan showcases diverse landscapes and experiences throughout the year. Immerse yourself in this cultural kaleidoscope, where each journey leaves a trail of unforgettable memories

Niigata Prefecture

Nestled in the heart of Japan’s main island, Honshu, the neighbouring prefectures of Nagano and Niigata present a captivating and diverse destination that welcomes visitors year-round. Celebrated for its verdant rice fields and renowned sake production, the region entices culinary enthusiasts with its gastronomic delights. Majestic mountains and abundant snowfall transform this land into a winter sports paradise, attracting skiers and snowboarders from around the globe to its world-class ski resorts. A captivating fusion of national parks, historic sites, and quaint hot spring towns awaits exploration. Unforgettable and enriching, this region is an essential stop on your next Japan travel itinerary.

Myoko Village

Renowned for its outstanding ski slopes and abundant snowfall, Myoko Village serves as a sought-after destination, enticing winter sports enthusiasts from around the globe. With meticulously groomed trails and top-notch facilities, Myoko promises an unrivalled experience for skiers and snowboarders of all proficiency levels. Beyond the winter season, the village’s natural beauty makes it a popular choice for hiking, golf, hot springs, and those longing to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring landscapes. The village itself boasts a diverse range of accommodations, restaurants, and shops, all seamlessly interwoven with a touch of traditional Japanese charm. Myoko provides an enchanting canvas to indulge in outdoor activities and bask in the breathtaking allure of the surrounding forests and majestic mountains.

Alternative Seasons

Experience the captivating allure of Myoko Kogen as you traverse its diverse seasons – summer, autumn, and spring. Each season unveils a distinct and unforgettable experience, showcasing vibrant, ever-changing landscapes. Embrace the invitation to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this truly remarkable destination.

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant summer greenery, offering activities such as hiking, golf, shrine exploration, and mountain biking.

Summer daytime temperatures range from a comfortable 20-31°C.





In autumn, Myoko  becomes a haven for nature lovers, photographers and artists as the landscape bursts with a stunning palette of fiery hues.

Daytime temperatures range from 15-27°C in Autumn.

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(March – June)

Springtime unveils a unique charm with its delicate cherry blossoms and comfortable climate, perfect for leisurely strolls and relaxed picnics.

Spring daytime temperatures range from a mild 10-22°C.

Getting here

Begin your ultimate Japan holiday in Tokyo. From there, choose your preferred mode of transportation and traverse through the countryside to reach the heart of the Japanese Alps.

To ensure a seamless journey, we offer complimentary transfers from the local bus and train station on both your arrival and departure days. Our dedicated team will be ready to greet you at your preferred station, guiding you past notable sights along the way. Leave the logistics to our capable hands, and let your holiday commence the moment you step off the train.


Traveling from Tokyo to Myoko Kogen by bus is both convenient and comfortable. Multiple bus companies, such as Nagano Snow Shuttle and Myoko Shuttle, ensure comfort and convenience with direct routes from Tokyo’s major airports, Narita and Haneda. The journey, which takes approximately 6-8 hours, allows you ample time to relax and enjoy the scenic views along the way.


Embark on a straightforward train journey from Tokyo, immersing yourself in stunning scenery along the way. With a travel time of approximately 3 hours, board the renowned Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagano, where comfort meets speed. Upon reaching Nagano, transfer to a local train for a comfortable and scenic ride through the mountains to Myoko Kogen station.


If you prefer a self-guided journey, driving to Myoko Kogen offers both flexibility and comfort. From Tokyo, take the Joshinetsu Expressway, a well-marked and scenic route. The drive, lasting approximately 4-5 hours, allows you to enjoy Japan’s beautiful countryside as you make your way to the peaceful retreat of Myoko Kogen.

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